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Looking for an alternative way to get the body system fueled and going. IV hydration and vitamin therapy is a quick approach to replenishing and restoring your body of the vitamins and minerals it needs. This method is safe and effective at giving your body a boost, directly through your blood stream in a minimal amount of time. When minerals amino acids and other supplements are added, additional benefits can be instantly effective. A qualified health provider is on-site to administer your selected drip, in comfortable setting.


Packages we offer: (Prices are per session)  

Immune Lift $220

For superb balance and building defense against viruses, allergies and cold symptoms this is the cocktail for you. This recipe is also beneficial in relieving stress and leaving your feeling hydrated.

Hosts zinc, B blends Ascorbic acid to help protect your cells, tissues and guard against illnesses.


Orchid Flower $190

For beautifying the inner you and helping the body to naturally rid unwanted fats. “Be and feel  youthful”

The Orchid Flower comes complete with biotin and other vitamins to help you to look and feel good inside and out.


The Energizer $215

Get the perfect amount of energy boosting “pick me up” and “quench”. Quickly drop that sluggish feeling. This special recipe also helps in getting one energized for the big game day or competition.

The Energizer has an abundance of B vitamins perfectly blended with minerals, giving you the energy you need to keep going.


Hangover Over $200

Relieve symptoms of having one too many drinks. Rid the body of that feeling, when you have partied too much. This cocktail is a great recharge.

It is loaded with the vitamins you love and need to get over it quick.


The Vitalizer $155

Need a little reviving, or to get over that jet lag. The vitalizer has the perfect combo of Vitamins and Amino Blend to get your days going and going. It is the perfect choice essential nutrients back into the body. “Get ready to train for the Olympics”


The Soothing Refresh $220

This cocktail boasts an appealing dose of vitamins and minerals to soothe those aches and pain. It will leave you feeling good, refreshed and relaxed. Helps to also reduce symptoms from hangover and providing nourishment. “Enhance your Mojo”

It is packed Vith B vitamins and calcium and more to give you the ultimate refresh.


Super Gut Bust $ 175

Fill the body with the proper amino blends and B’s to help the body drop the fat. This cocktail is superb when combined with the perfect weekly workout.

is packed with amino acids like Glutamine, Ornithine, Lycine and more in addition to the B vitamins we need.


Macho Macho $130

Bring out the strong man in yourself, Repair the body with this afterwork ‘extreme” out relief cocktail, keeping your body prepped and pepped for the next big event.

It comes busting with doses of B blends and your favorite amino acid blends.


Myers Cocktail $159

Battle and protect from fatigue and simply replenish the body’s need. This is the definite cocktail to get you feeling your best. With the right combination of vitamins and energy boosting nutrients this cocktail will having you feeling amazing.


Migraine Be Gone $235 

Building defense and relieving the painful effects of the migraine. This the right cocktail to get you feeling good again.


Super C $220 (Coming soon)

For fighting inflammation and relieving the body after a recovery or strenuous procedure. This high-dose Vitamin-C cocktail, provides the ultimate defense and boost to help you thrive.


Jolly oh Jolly Mommy $99 (Coming soon) 

This special is the right choice for that good ole’ happy feeling, helping you get through and enjoy the day.


Coming Soon…More IV infusion Cocktails and Lipotropics…


Please call us for detail and to schedule your sessions.

****Disclaimer***These products are in no way alternatives to medical treatment, medication or advise. These are therapeutic vitamins, amino-acids and minerals beneficial to the body, restoring nutrients and providing hydration. Effects can vary. Some feel the beneficial effects immediately and others within a couple of days. Some side effects can occur with first infusion like headache, dizziness and often go away immediately and over time, varies by package and dose.

Medical Walk-in Process

No Appointment Needed

Patients do not have to plan out when they come in. Simply walk in and you’ll seen.

Licensed Professionals

OMS Urgent care physicians and nurses offer high-quality care. They are licensed and recognized.

Cost Effective

The cost charged at an immediate care clinic is generally less than a cost charged at a hospital ER.

Please call (770) 672 6267

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