At OMS Urgent Care we have the capability to offer onsite EKG testing. There will be no need to rush into busy emergency departments for that service. We offer quick analysis of your chest pains or heart. Our patients can stop in any time for this service.

    • Physicals


      At OMS Urgent Care we offer simple services like physicals. This is one of our most rewarding exams geared to ensure and promote wellness in the lives of our patients. Physicals are essential whether it be for general health or examination of health and physical abilities. Each patient should have an annual physical, as identifying issues early can prevent the onset of future illnesses and ensuring your well-being is important.

    • Drug Screening

      Drug Screening

      We offer a 10 panel substance abuse drug screen for employers as an addition to our occupational health services. Our onsite service offers prompt results, with reduced turn-around time, so there is no waiting several days for the results. This assists employee screenings and random tests as needed in accident and injury cases.

    • On-Site X Ray

      On-Site X Ray

      Screening of injuries (falls, joint and body part pains) Our Onsite X-Rays are on target, in identifying the appropriate orthopedic care (splinting to secure the area, prevent further injury, arranging follow-up care and referrals).

    • On-Site Lab

      On-Site Lab

      We have a certified onsite lab so we can screen and provide results immediately. Our lab is designed to quickly provide results, so we can focus on optimizing your health needs. We offer a variety of testing that is quick and convenient in a comfortable setting. These services are offered to you during your visit without the need for any additional appointment.

    • Vaccinations and Immunizations

      Vaccinations and Immunizations

      Onsite Vaccination services are what we do. We provide vaccines for all ages and adhere to state recommendations for vaccinating. We offer the seasonal flu vaccine and more. Please call us for a list of vaccines we offer in our convenient onsite clinic.

    • Flu Shots

      Flu Shots

      Protect yourself from the flu! The best tool to fight the flu is vaccination. We offer this onsite service that meets recommendations for the most important step in protecting your body from flu complications. Flu shots are essential in staying well by reducing flu related illness, that can cause missed school, work and prevent hospital stays or visits.

    • Laceration Repair

      Laceration Repair

      We are here to offer stitches and medical glue to repair lacerations. We offer this to patients of all ages, whether this be the result of an injury, bite etc. We careful analyze the laceration and apply the appropriate care, for best healing.

    • STD Screening and Treatment

      STD Screening and Treatment

      We offer same day STD screenings and treatment. There is no waiting or appointments required. Our clinic provides confidential medical treatment to males and females. We are here to answer any questions and make referrals or arrange for progressive treatment, as needed.

    • Cough, Cold, Flu, Strep

      Cough, Cold, Flu, Strep

      Common upper respiratory infections are often contagious. We screen and examine patients onsite for these symptoms and commonly associated infections. We are happy to treat and prescribe the necessary medication to improve the patients’ condition.

    • Diabetes Management

      Diabetes Management

      Managing diabetes can be difficult, as it requires many lifestyle changes. That is why we are here to assist in monitoring your diabetes condition and offer recommendations that include the best ways to improving your health. We analyze diet plans, labs, activity, and medications to optimize a unique plan to meet each patient’s needs.

    • Back Pain

      Back Pain

      Our onsite diagnostics can help scan the bones and spine, to identify factors contributing to your back pain. We swiftly work to implement the best strategies to reduce back pain. We can provide medication, referrals and treat an array of conditions related to your pain.

    • Urinary Tract Infection (UTI)

      Urinary Tract Infection (UTI)

      UTIs can be painful and cause great discomfort. This can cause pain in urination and can urgency to have frequent urination. Many symptoms include cloudy urine, strong smells in urine, and may cause fever thereby indicating increased infection. We have the test and utensils available to diagnose and promptly treat a UTI. Our utmost aim is for our patients to live a happy, healthy normal life.

    • Cholesterol Management

      Cholesterol Management

      OMS Urgent Care offers onsite cholesterol level testing and management plans. For may patients they do not realize how simply monitoring your cholesterol and making a few changes to your lifestyle can improve their health. We are here to monitor it for you and offer the medical support you need to balance your cholesterol efficiently.

    • IV Fluid Infusions

      IV Fluid Infusions

      We offer onsite IV infusion to treat your medical conditions, administer medication and reduce illness. This allows us to get fluids into your blood stream quickly and over time to boost and improve your healthcare needs.

    • COVID-19 Antibody Testing

      COVID-19 Antibody Testing

      We now offer antibody and nasal swab testing to our OMS Urgent Care patients. The antibody test is essential in identifying if you have previously recovered or been exposed to the coronavirus. Our nasal swabs will be essential in determining if you currently have the coronavirus. We hold the highest standards in providing safe practices and collections of these specimens.

    • Hgb A1C Onsite Testing

      Hgb A1C Onsite Testing

      The Hgb A1c test is offered onsite and is efficient in reflecting your blood sugar level. Providing this test allows our providers to diagnose or rule out diabetes. We can additionally, provide diabetes management and support for your specific needs.

    • Foreign Body Removals

      Foreign Body Removals

      Foreign bodies can get into parts of the body where they are not typically supposed to be (Ears, Nose, Fingers, Legs, Foot, Stomach, Skin, Eyes, Airways and more). We are here to provide safe and effective procedures to remove these things from the body.

    • Smoking Cessations Management

      Smoking Cessations Management

      Putting a stop to smoking is a huge step in improving your health and wellness. We want our patients and community to thrive and be healthy. We offer cessation management that offers support and provides successful results.

    • Dental Pain

      Dental Pain

      Having a tooth ache or swelling? These are things we suffer from time to time. Here at OMS Urgent Care we are here to access the area and provide prompt treatment and referrals to decrease the pain and swelling, you may be experiencing.

    • Incision, Boil, and Abscess Drainage

      Incision, Boil, and Abscess Drainage

      We are equipped and skilled to provide clinical lancing and surgical procedures to release pressure or pus from underneath the skin. This is a quick and effective way to relieve pain and provide treatment. We practice safe and efficient techniques, most comfortable for our patients.

    • Conjunctivitis and Eye Abrasions

      Conjunctivitis and Eye Abrasions

      Think you have pink eye or an abrasion of the eye? Come see us at OMS Urgent Care. Our skilled professionals can treat your eye and relieve irritations immediately. We want to quickly reduce the spread or cause of infections. Abrasions can be mild or serious, we will examine the eye for susceptible injury and provide the best treatment plan for each patients’ needs.

    • Skin Tag Removal

      Skin Tag Removal

      Skin tags often appear as we become adults and are very common. Sometimes they can cause skin irritation. We are here to skillfully remove them and provide your skin relief. Removal is fast and pain-free.

    • Workers Compensation and Injury

      Workers Compensation and Injury

      Our certified health providers offer onsite exams and injury evaluations that may assist in carrying out or fulfilling claim requirements. We offer x-rays, treatments of injuries and initiate back to work plans for employees and employers.

    • School and Sports Physicals with EKG

      School and Sports Physicals with EKG

      When students or individuals involved in sport or physical activities are ready to begin, we are available to offer the required physical participation screenings. These help to identify if the patient is overall fit, at risk for injury, need physical improvement or reduction in activity. We want our students and athletes to be able to perform at their best ability. An EKG can be required or added to ensure appropriate rhythms and functioning of the heart.

    • Toe Nail Removal

      Toe Nail Removal

      Toenail conditions can be painful and, in some cases lead to infection. Our providers can apply a local anesthetic that helps to quickly remove the toenail in a painless process. At out clinic we can provide the care you need and promote the growth of a new healthy toenail.

    • Allergic Reactions

      Allergic Reactions

      Sudden allergic reactions or short-term inflammation can be caused by almost anything and can occur anywhere. This is commonly due to allergens in the environments or substances that come in contact with the body. Your condition can be derived from contact with a pet, dust, food, etc. We are here to promptly relieve the effects. We treat these risky conditions and test to identify issues. We are able to monitor and treat our patients to prevent future life-threatening responses.

    • Asthma Management

      Asthma Management

      When your asthma symptoms are activated, we are here to help relieve those symptoms. We want the tubes in your lungs to function properly. Our patients are important to us, so we provide quick breathing and medical treatments, to get you back to normal. We also provide a treatment plan with ways for those battling asthma to stay healthy and lead normal lives.

    • Joint Injections and Draining

      Joint Injections and Draining

      Stiffness and pain in the joints can be uneasy for patients. If you are experiencing these symptoms, we are here to remedy them for you. We offer different types of join injections which we perform in a clean, family friendly environment. We practice the safest and efficient procedures, catered to your needs. We also remove fluids from the joints, if needed before administering the injections. This often helps to diagnose the cause of the swelling or stiffness.

    • Pre-Employment Physicals

      Pre-Employment Physicals

      We are committed to providing services in our clinic designed for workplace wellness. This is why we offer pre-employment physicals and screenings that are OSHA and DOT compliant. We help create safe workplaces by examining the health of employees, efficiently, at a low cost and onsite at our clinic. In some cases, we may be able to mobilize and come to the worksite to perform some of these screenings.

    • Biometric Screenings

      Biometric Screenings

      In the effort to promote wellness, to battle long term diseases and illness, we skillfully align a few health tests to identify and weigh health risks. These biometric screenings include Blood Pressure, Weight Management, Body Mass Index Health Measurement, Total Cholesterol, Triglyceride level, Fasting Glucose. Blood Sugar, HDL and LDL Cholesterol and Waist Circumference.

    • Fractures / Dislocations

      Fractures / Dislocations

      We are able to simplify medical needs by managing fractures identified in our Onsite X-ray. We can quickly fix dislocations and apply splints to breaks and fractures for ultimate healing. Say goodbye to the achy sprains with our prompt medical treatment at OMS.

    • Pelvic Exams

      Pelvic Exams

      Experiencing gynecological problems? We offer pelvic exams to diagnose medical conditions that may be causing these problems. This exam usually is provided with some physicals which is provided by a certified medical provider, who carefully provides an examination of the external and internal female pelvic organs.

    • Child Well Checks

      Child Well Checks

      Most states require each child has a well check. We are happy to provide well checks to children of all ages and complete required documentation on site. No appointments are required, so parents and care takers, have no hassle with securing an appointment, in advance. We are conveniently open Mon-Sat to provide well checks.

    • Hypertension Management

      Hypertension Management

      Hypertension management is provided to reduce high blood pressure. We carefully offer individualized treatments and management plans to meet the unique conditions of our hypertensive patients. A few of the services we offer sprout from implementing lifestyle modification plans, adding antihypertensive medications, and monitoring the condition, for any modification needs.

    • IV Vitamin, Antioxidants, and Minerals Infusions

      IV Vitamin, Antioxidants, and Minerals Infusions

      Lacking nutrients in your diet, or having trouble with oral supplements? Want to boost your immune system?
      We aim to rapidly supply your body with the nutrients it needs to function well. Here we offer a variety of vitamin infusion packages to support your health and wellness needs.

    • Weight Loss Management

      Weight Loss Management

      Weight loss can be important in managing one’s health. Here we screen and coordinate strategic management and therapeutic plans in managing and supporting weight loss goals.

    • COVID-19 Nasal Swab & Rapid (PCR and Antigen) Test

      COVID-19 Nasal Swab & Rapid (PCR and Antigen) Test

      We conduct both regular COVID-19 Testing and Rapid Test. Both are done via nose swab. Call our office today to schedule an appointment.

    • TeleHeath


      We are not able to consult our patients via TeleHealth. We reserve the right to consider if the patients’ needs would benefit from TeleHealth or if an in person visit is recommended. Please call our office for detail.